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There is a problem with the polishing of air compressor screw rotor

The brightness of the screw rotor varies greatly, and the author has spoken with leaders of some compressor companies about the problem of rotor polishing, some of whom believe that rotor polishing destroys accuracy.Oddly enough, rotor polishing can destroy accuracy?The polishing belongs to the superfinishing processing, the processing margin is very small, will make the curved surface smoother, the different line segment transition is more smooth, the processing process left the burr, the vibration tumor is fully cleaned.Foreign famous compressor company's rotor almost no polishing, in addition to mechanical polishing, advanced polishing technology and electrostatic polishing and heat treatment polishing.

Some people believe in grinding machines, that grinding parts do not need polishing.

In fact, on the contrary, the grinding parts look very bright, its surface shape and polishing is different, and the more important thing is that the grinding parts edge will have subtle burr and hard edge sharp Angle, these things hidden, will produce destructive defects and dangerous compressor parts.Polishing process can effectively eliminate these disadvantages, avoid the installation and operation of the resulting discomfort.

After a certain polishing of the rotor is not likely to produce holding or pull the phenomenon of the couple, compressor performance retention rate will be very high, some foreign famous compressor host performance retention rate can reach more than 20 years not attenuation, have to make domestic compressor companies praise.The author of the locomotive special import screw air compressor overhaul, after repeated debugging, to reach the factory before the overhaul performance level, it can be seen that the performance of the host screw compressor high rate.

In fact, the brightness of compressor rotor can be seen from the air inlet, after running for a period of time, the difference will be more obvious.More advanced polishing technology is additive polishing, which is an original special polishing technology, which not only improves the smoothness, but also substantially hardens the surface.

Of course, compressor performance retention rate depends on many factors, and super precision manufacturing and polishing is one of the key measures of performance retention rate.

Many compressor workers think that the friction surface of the compressor has a range of smoothness, smoothness is not low, not high smoothness, the author has a different point of view.

The author thinks that the cleaner the compressor friction surface is, the better, in the quality cost control range should be as far as possible to achieve higher smoothness.

Some of us say: look at their products and crafts alike!The reason is that they use a process similar to crafts that we don't.

I have to say, polishing can sometimes get unexpected results.E.g. In 2001, I was employed by a petroleum machinery factory in Texas.The factory produced a hydraulic booster injection pump similar to the air piston pump, and the designers used German shaft seals, but the seals did not have an ideal life.They want me to help them solve this problem, in the transformation, I used one of the technology is the polishing plunger.Since there is no polishing machine in this factory, the author asked them to buy an electric grinding wheel, install it on the lathe plate box, replace the grinding wheel with polishing cloth wheel, add polishing paste, and polish the piston rod to the same level as the mirror.Then installed, a shot, the life of seals to increase more than one times.The author also helps them to improve the oil-water seal structure, so that the sealing performance of this pump is completely solved.

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