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Air compressor storage tank role, although you know, but not necessarily comprehensive!

1. Store air to meet the demand of sudden and instantaneous increase of gas consumption of gas equipment;

2. Store air to eliminate pulsation of air flow in pipelines;

3, the initial cooling of the air, let a part of the liquid water precipitation.Therefore, the gas storage tank should be drained regularly;

4, can ensure the automatic shutdown of the air compressor, under the set pressure of air storage tank a full air compressor will automatically stop, so as not to let the air compressor has been running and waste of energy.

The function of the gas storage tank is extended

Theoretically, the larger the gas storage tank, the better, can reduce the frequency of air compressor to start.Star delta start belongs to power frequency start, the instantaneous current of the motor start is about 7 times of the rated current, frequent start of the electrical parts of the air compressor is relatively large damage, reduce the life of the electrical parts, at the same time, the impact on the grid is relatively large, affect the normal use of other electrical equipment.

Frequency conversion air compressor is a soft start, the starting current is about 2 times the rated current, the impact is not very big.

Q: is it ok not to use the air storage tank of the screw air compressor?

Enthusiastic net friend a: the air compressor outlet storage tank can not only play a stable air pressure, buffer, and other functions, at the same time, there is an important role of ordinary users will not notice, that is, to prevent the compressor during the shutdown, the compressed air pipeline for some reason to return liquid, back into the air compressor, because of its damage.If the gas storage tank is removed, the inverted u-bend design should be used to perform the same function in the pipeline design.I don't know if that's right, please give me your advice.

The purpose of the air storage tank is to maintain the pressure of the compressed air system.Since the gas consumption at the end of the compressed air system cannot be stable at all times, it is necessary to use the air storage tank to balance the stability of the system pressure and reduce the frequent loading and unloading of the air compressor.Another function is to re-cool the dried compressed air to reduce the water content of the compressed air.

For individual compressed air systems, such as air compressor displacement is large (such as centrifugal air compressor), the system pipe network volume is also relatively large (pipe diameter and long) and the use of gas is relatively stable situation, can not be equipped with gas storage tank.However, most compressed air systems are equipped with gas storage tanks.

Enthusiastic netizens 3: air compressor is not stored compressed air inside, once produce must be used in the compressed air, this way of working is not ideal, with storage tanks, can first will play into the storage tanks of compressed air to a certain pressure, and then use air pressure to a certain extent, the compressor to start again, so that both from the perspective of energy utilization and compressed air quality is better.So you can't do without a tank.

Enthusiastic netizen 4: to need compressed air volume is small the equipment that USES infrequently, air compressor does not want to store air can.However, considering the stability of air compressor performance, constant pressure and quality of compressed air, it is best to supply gas storage tank.

1, air pressure maneuver

Because the air compressor action range is relatively large, so in the work of frequently open and stop the pressure vessel, which increases the wear of the valve, on the other hand also makes the oil and gas road unstable, which causes the instability of the machine, but if the configuration of gas storage tank, this situation will be relatively reduced.

2. Energy saving effect

Air compressor start and stop frequently, so the electrical flow of the motor will consume very large, so in the use of the air compressor state will be empty load, if this state stays very long, will waste a lot of flow.However, if the air system is equipped with a gas storage tank, the stability of the air compressor will stop, which can ensure very stable operation and reduce unnecessary waste of idle energy.

3. Provide stable air source

Why do air compressors bind gas tanks?Air compressor system if there is a storage tank, air compressor output air buffer, air source can be better maintained at a set value, gas system can get constant pressure, which is very necessary for the use of modern factories.

4. Good air quality

Air compressor out of the compressed air, first sent to the air storage tank, the air here will stay for a certain period of time, can precipitate the impurities in the air, water and other foreign matter, the temperature of compressed air is also reduced, is no freeze-dryer, can also send a better quality of air.

In fact, the role of savings is a reservoir, the air compressor is a source of air, and the storage tank is a pool.The air storage tank can be set in a certain pressure range according to the setting of the air pressure measurement, buffer the fluctuation of air pressure, reduce the start of the air compressor, in addition, the air storage tank can play the role of precipitation of impurities in the air, water and other foreign matters.

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