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Are cheap air compressors really cheap

For the vast majority of goods, in the case of meeting user demand, its purchase cost is low, then it is cheap.So, is this also true for air compressors?The answer is no.

For air compressor, the purchase cost may only account for 20% of the air compressor all costs, and the biggest cost is its electricity consumption, if because of cheap to buy an electric tiger back, then may cause in the electricity cost will be more than the cost savings of several times, then it will not be worth the loss.

Then we choose the air compressor, how to judge the air compressor is not electric tiger it!See specific power -- the value obtained by dividing the total power of the air compressor by the gas production per minute, in unit of Kw/ (m3/min).Specific power is one of the evaluation standards of the air compressor industry on whether the product is energy saving or not. According to the specific power, the first, second and third energy efficiency is determined (gb19153-2009, more regular manufacturers will upload the energy efficiency level of the equipment on the national energy efficiency website).

Take an air compressor of 55kw, 8bar and 10 cubic meters as an example, the national two-level energy efficiency ratio power is 7.3kw/(m3/min), and the three-level energy efficiency is 8.4kw/(m3/min). The operating time is 300 days a year, 10 hours a day, and the electricity cost per kilowatt hour is 1 yuan.

The annual operating electricity fee of the second level energy efficiency is: 7.3÷60×300×10×60×10×1= 219,000 yuan (specific power ÷60= electricity consumption per cubic gas)

The annual operating electricity cost of the three-level energy efficiency is: 8.4÷60×300×10×60×10×1= 252,000 yuan.

The second level of energy efficiency of the air compressor compared to three energy efficiency of a year can save 33,000 yuan, an air compressor is generally used to 10 years, then it will save 330,000 yuan of electricity costs, compared to the saved electricity costs, the purchase cost difference becomes insignificant, the real "cheap air compressor" is which kind of obvious.

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