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Energy Efficiency is also Possible for 25 hp Air Compressors

In today’s world, where “green” is “gold”, the efficient operation of multiple air compressors has taken on a new sense of urgency. In an era where giant manufacturing campuses with huge compressed air systems are fast disappearing, the emphasis shifts now to improving the efficiency of the higher numbers of installed small and medium size air compressors. With electrical rates on the rise and limited capital expenditure budgets, facilities are interested in improving the energy efficiency of their existing air compressors.  Retrofitting the control systems provides a viable alternative.

It is a fact that the basic, air-cooled, reciprocating air compressor is still the most popular and affordable way to get compressed air to operate your small plant systems.  However, the available reciprocating compressor control systems are still start/stop or constant speed technology - both of which date back to the technology of one hundred years ago.

So the user operating two 25 hp reciprocating air compressors, for example, has the choice of either start/stop, constant speed or a confusing mixture of the two control options.  Too many start/stop cycles and the whole mechanical system is compromised with resulting starter and motor failures - or a complete shutdown of the system can occur as a result of overheating. Operating the machines in the constant-speed mode can end in uncontrolled and excess idling. This can compromise the plant filtration system with excess oil carryover and then of course the attendant increase in the cost of operation.

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