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Discussion on air system product sales and service market chain operation

According to the air compressor network survey, in the current Chinese screw air compressor market, there are more than 5,000 types of active sales and service enterprises, but the number of enterprises with sales revenue of more than 100 million, industry concentration is very low.Then, in the air pressure system product sales service market, whether to develop chain operation, so as to form a national circulation enterprise?

I. current situation of air system product sales and service industry

Small scale and lack of brand advantages

Sales and service enterprises are small in scale, poor in continuous operation ability and lack of brand advantages.At present, the so-called after-sales service in China is mainly repair and maintenance services, with a single business model and a lack of mature service brands, making it difficult to carry out continuous expansion and scale development.

The quality of practitioners is intermingled, and the knowledge structure is unreasonable

According to the survey, only 10% of the air compressor service industry workers have received higher education, which has adversely affected the development of air system service industry.

Backward service concept

Overseas after-sales service projects, machine, parts, repair and maintenance, operation management, system energy consumption management "one-stop", but here is the maintenance service single;Foreign service chain, network, and here is generally fighting alone, and is not standard.

Insufficient regulatory standards

The equipment service industry lacks unified and effective management, supervision, guidance and overall planning, as well as unified service standards and industry norms.


Second, the characteristics of chain operation

Chain management refers to the same kind of goods or services of a number of stores or branches, in the form of a combined into a consortium and professional division of labor under the overall planning, and on the basis of the division of the implementation of centralized management to simplify complex kind of business activities, to gain economies of scale, in general, chain operation has the following features:

1. Simplification

Operational process "simplify", reduce the impact of experience factors on the operation.

Chain business expansion is about full replication, not because of the increase in the number of stores and disorder.Chain system as a whole is huge and complex, we must simplify the financial, supply and demand, logistics, information management and other subsystems, remove unnecessary links and content, in order to improve efficiency, "everyone can do, everyone can do".For this, want to work out concise and concise operation manual, the worker is operated by manual, each function its duty, each exert its responsibility.

2. Standardization

That all work should be done according to prescribed standards.The standardization of chain operation is manifested in two aspects:

One is homework standardization.The headquarters, branches and distribution centers perform their respective functions of ordering, purchasing, distribution and sales of commodities, and formulate standardized rules and regulations. The whole process is completed in strict accordance with the procedures formulated by the head office.

Second, enterprise overall image standardization.Store development, design, equipment purchase, commodity display, advertising design and technical management are all concentrated in the headquarters.The headquarters provides chain store location, training before opening, supervision and guidance in the operation process and communication services, so as to ensure the consistency of the overall image of each chain store.

3. Specialization

That is, everything is as specialized as possible.This shop with other members of the professional performance in both headquarters and distribution center of the professional division of labor, also performed in each link, post, personnel, professional division of labor, make the purchase, sale, delivery, warehousing, after-sales service, product display, store and office environment, finance, sales promotion, public relations, and other fields have the specialist is responsible for management decisions.

4. Scale

Chain operation usually forms a large-scale marketing network by setting up a large-scale operation platform and formulating the unified strategy and operation and management mode by the headquarters, so as to reduce the operation cost on a large scale, improve the operating profit and gain the scale advantage.

5. Networking

Chain operating enterprises build a unified operation and management platform, which can be applied in different regions to meet the needs of different customers and obtain the maximum operating benefits.

6. Informatization

Chain operating enterprises point wide, difficult to manage.Only through the use of large-scale information technology can timely and effective information exchange and standard consistent control be realized.


The chain operation mode with the above characteristics can reduce business risks, improve circulation efficiency and service level, enjoy the benefits of scale economy and specialized division of labor, greatly improve the market competitiveness, and thus achieve rapid growth.

Three, screw compressor chain business development challenges

Sales distribution and agency

At present, the vast majority of compressor manufacturing enterprises are using the agency system of sales, and chain sales service providers need to obtain the right of agency across the region, which breaks the current sales management system of production enterprises, the circulation enterprise with a strong ability to integrate resources to achieve long-term efforts.

Marketing network

The establishment of a strong marketing network of huge upfront investment, complex management.

Capital barriers

Large-scale operation needs strong financial support.

Market brand and reputation

The brand and reputation of sales service enterprises are the comprehensive embodiment of product quality, maintenance technology, management service and market network.It takes a long time and a lot of investment.

The human resources

The market lacks an effective talent training supply system in the industry.

Iv. Industry development trend

Channel flattening and industry integration are the inevitable trend of industry development.Small sales and service businesses will be shuffled.While gross decrease, will form a batch of chain to join an enterprise.Of course, chain operation itself cannot naturally bring about the integration of the industry and the establishment of channel brands.Only those chain operating enterprises that truly provide value to customers in the process of sales and service, whether economic or convenient, can form channel power and brand.

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