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Airunco Compressor Parts & Equipment Co.,Limited

Minimum pressure valve commonly use mass stock

Minimum pressure valve commonly use mass stock,

ICV intake valve ICV-25(10HP)
ICV intake valve ICV-25D(10HP)
ICV intake valve ICV40(20HP)
ICV intake valve ICV-40-F(20HP)
ICV intake valve ICV-40A(20HP)
ICV intake valve ICV-50(30HP)
ICV intake valve ICV-50-K(30HP)
ICV intake valve ICV-50R(30HP)
ICV intake valve ICV-65(50HP)
ICV intake valve ICV-85(100HP)
MPCV valve MPCV-20A
MPCV valve MPCV-25A
MPCV valve MPCV-32A
MPCV valve MPCV-40A
MPCV valve MPCV-50A
MPCV valve MPCV-50F
MPCV valve MPCV-50T
MPCV valve MPCV-65T
MPCV valve MPCV-65F
Combination valve CV-20
Combination valve CV-25
Oil filter base TL-4
Oil filter base YL-6
Oil filter base YL-8
Oil filter base YL-10
Return check valve ORV-1
Return check valve ORV-2
Return check valve ORV-3
Servo cylinder SFQG-1
Servo cylinder BEST-1
Solenoid valve BEST-2
Solenoid valve BEST-3

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