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Air compressor maintenance and repair strategy

With the improvement of China's overall economic level and scientific and technological level, there are more and more application scenarios of air compressor equipment.Thus it can be seen that the maintenance and repair of air compressor workload and work difficulty have been greatly improved.And, as people's needs increase.Air compressor is also gradually to the direction of miniaturization.In this context, we should actively understand the new air compressor maintenance technology, and improve their ability to accurately find the fault causes of air compressor, so as to provide strong technical support for air compressor users.The air compressor used by our company is mainly screw type air compressor, and there are also a few centrifugal air compressors produced in atlas in the United States.Take screw type air compressor as an example, the main station principle is through the suction, compression and exhaust three cycle operation process of pressure to complete gas compression.In the actual operation process, air compressor often because of impurities in the air operation failure, if not timely maintenance and repair, will affect the normal operation of air compressor.This paper analyzes the common problems in air compressor, and puts forward corresponding solutions for your reference and reference. 

1. Analysis of common problems of air compressor common air compressor faults are mainly divided into several kinds, including insufficient air compressor exhaust capacity, abnormal pressure and startup can not run normally, machine temperature is too high and even explosion combustion.In the daily operation and use of the process, the impurities in the air, dust and other into the air compressor, or the air compressor parts wear, will lead to problems.In view of specific problems, the cause of the fault analysis, targeted to find a solution to the fault strategy, maintain the normal and stable operation of the air compressor.First of all, the abnormal pressure of air compressor and insufficient displacement are caused by the wear and tear of parts. In the long-term collision process of parts, wear occurs, and the gap between parts increases, leading to the change of displacement and pressure.Secondly, air compressor startup difficulty is generally due to the monitoring device can not work normally, monitoring device is abnormal, can not drive the air compressor operation, resulting in air compressor startup difficulty.Finally, the abnormal temperature and explosion on the surface of the air compressor are caused by the failure of the cooling system. The failure of the cooling system to work normally and maintain the normal surface temperature of the air compressor results in overheating and even explosion of the air compressor [1].In order to solve the fault problem of air compressor, the design and production of air compressor should be studied and discussed.In the design of air compressor, according to the different requirements of industrial production and construction, the functional requirements of the air compressor are also different, if there are defects in the design process, or with the actual demand, will lead to the daily operation of the air compressor failure.In addition, the air compressor in the daily operation of the function play, but also need to have the correct management.In many common faults of air compressor, explosion and combustion pose the greatest threat to the safety of life and property of staff. In general, after the destruction of cooling system, the temperature of air compressor in operation cannot be controlled within a reasonable range, and the temperature of the machine rises, resulting in an accident.No matter it is any kind of fault, the reasons mostly include unscientific design, improper management and maintenance and repair work is not in place.Therefore, maintenance and maintenance management should be carried out from several perspectives in order to avoid failures of air compressor [2].In general, the occurrence of air compressor fault is related to the non-standard way of use and imperfect maintenance system.The standard way of use can greatly extend the service life of air compressor and reduce the frequency of failure of air compressor.Perfect maintenance system can find the problems in the operation of air compressor in advance, and take corresponding measures in time to kill the problems in the cradle and avoid the deterioration of subsequent problems. 

2. Air compressor maintenance and repair strategy discussion of air compressor equipment problems tend to focus on the oil circuit circulation system, gas circuit circulation system, water circulation system, other systems.Therefore, this section carries on the brief analysis to these several systems, and proposed the corresponding maintenance measure.(1) maintenance of oil circuit circulation system

Before the air compressor is put into use, each system needs to be tested, so as to ensure the normal operation of the air compressor.The air compressor oil circulation system provides the lubricating oil needed for the operation of each element of the air compressor.Therefore, the normal operation of air compressor oil road system can greatly reduce the wear between devices, thus improving the service life of air compressor.In the process of air compressor maintenance, the first is the routine inspection and maintenance of the oil circuit circulation system, the purpose of this work is to ensure that all kinds of parts in the air compressor have good lubrication, avoid excessive wear and loss in the operation process.Maintenance personnel should check the lubrication degree of various parts and components inside the air compressor. If the lubrication is insufficient, lubricating oil should be added in time to ensure the balance between temperature and oil pressure in the air compressor, so as to avoid excessive wear of parts caused by insufficient lubrication [3].(2) maintenance of gas circuit circulation system

Air circuit circulation system mainly refers to the system of air inhalation and compression. In this system, the compressed air needs to be cooled to avoid the unstable operation of air compressor caused by high temperature.Therefore, this system is also the core system of air compressor.Whether the air circulation system can work stably is directly related to whether the air compressor can compress air normally.Therefore, the maintenance of gas circuit circulation system is very important.When checking the air circulation system, ensure that all parts in the circulation system are normal, and focus on checking whether the gas will occur in the circulation system reflux problem, once this problem occurs, need to install the suspension full check valve.(3) water circulation system maintenance

A lot of heat is produced when the equipment is running.Heat will be through radiation, conduction and other effects of compressed gas, device temperature rise.Therefore, the normal operation of the water circulation system can effectively reduce the temperature of compressed gas and various devices to ensure that the compressor operates at the appropriate temperature.The water circulation system mainly plays the role of cooling compressed gas. For the maintenance of this system, it is necessary to focus on the cooling time to ensure the normal operation of the water circulation system in the air compressor and play a role.The maintenance of the water circulation system is an important part of the air compressor maintenance work. It is necessary to ensure the normal and stability of the water circulation system, so as to avoid problems such as explosion, short circuit or power failure due to the high temperature of the air compressor, and maintain the normal and stable operation of the air compressor [4].(4) maintenance and treatment measures for common faultsThe volume of air discharge greatly affects the operation efficiency of air compressor.Therefore, if the air compressor has the problem of insufficient displacement, firstly, the damaged or cracked parts can be replaced, and then the air muffler can be checked and cleaned, and finally, the oil in the oil cylinder can be timely supplemented to maintain the oil level at more than one third of the oil standard level of the oil cylinder.2) air compressor cooling system failure.If air compressor cooling system problems, mostly because of the cooling system fouling phenomenon, or air into the cooling system.To solve this problem, we can install the shell on the water meter to prevent air from entering, or change the cooler core frequently to avoid scaling phenomenon and ensure the normal operation of the cooling system.3) air tightness of air compressor.If the air compressor appeared the air valve compactness reduction problem, then the implementation of cleaning the air valve plate and valve plate operation.Finally, it is necessary to actively implement the operation of removing carbon accumulation, or choose the electrostatic plastic pipe to prevent and control carbon accumulation, so as to effectively improve the cleanliness of air compressor and avoid the occurrence of faults.4) air compressor lubricating oil should be replaced in time.The quality of lubricating oil affects the operation effect of air compressor. Therefore, after the air compressor is put into operation, the lubricating oil can be changed every 6000-7000 hours, which can effectively improve the quality of lubricating oil.In general, to keep the air compressor parts clean and complete, is to ensure the normal operation of the air compressor effective maintenance measures.In addition, it can ensure the sufficient oil in the air compressor, improve the maintenance and inspection of the air compressor, and comprehensively ensure the air compressor to play a good role [5].(5) the use and maintenance of air compressor cannot be separated from scientific and perfect management system.The standardized use method can effectively avoid unnecessary faults of air compressor, and the scientific and perfect management system can find the problems of air compressor itself in the first time, at the same time, the management and maintenance personnel can take effective methods in time, so as to prevent the problem from worsening.To be specific, after the air compressor is installed, the air compressor production unit needs to provide a period of training on how to use the equipment for the user, so as to improve the operator's skill level of using the air compressor.And let the user unit of equipment operators and equipment maintenance personnel can clearly understand the air compressor parts.So as to ensure the air compressor in the follow-up use and maintenance process of good running state. 

3. The last word to sum up, with the speeding up of China's economic development speed, air compressor in various industrial production as well as the construction industry has been more and more widely used in the construction process, due to the impurities in the air of deposition, such problems as insufficient lubrication effect, air compressor often appear all sorts of fault, lead to the function of the air compressor can not get effective play, in order to avoid the emergence of this situation, put forward the air compressor maintenance and breakdown maintenance strategy, including insufficient parts wear or damage, displacement problem, poor quality of lubricating oil, carbon, etc., only to do daily inspection and maintenance of air compressor,Can effectively avoid all kinds of problems, ensure the normal operation of air compressor, reduce property losses, improve the economic efficiency of industrial production and construction.

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