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Replacement of Air Oil Separator

The oil-gas separator is a component that separates the lubricating oil from the compressed air in a screw compressor. Under normal operation, the service life of the oil-gas separator is approximately 3000 hours. However, the quality of the lubricating oil and the filtration accuracy of the air have a significant impact on its lifespan. In harsh operating environments, it is necessary to shorten the maintenance and replacement cycle of the air filter element and even consider installing a pre-filter for the air.
The oil-gas separator must be replaced when it reaches its service life or when the pressure difference before and after exceeds 0.12 MPa. Otherwise, it may cause motor overload and damage to the oil-gas separator, resulting in oil leakage.
Replacement Method:
Remove the control pipe joints installed on the oil-gas barrel cover.
Remove the return pipe inserted into the oil-gas barrel from the oil-gas barrel cover and remove the fastening bolts on the oil-gas barrel cover.
Remove the oil-gas barrel cover and take out the oil separator. Remove any asbestos gaskets and dirt stuck to the cover plate.
Install the new oil-gas separator, ensuring that the upper and lower asbestos gaskets are securely fastened with nails. When tightening, ensure that the asbestos gaskets are properly aligned to prevent crushing.
Reinstall the cover plate, return pipe, and control pipes as they were before, and check for any leaks.
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