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Analysis of Screw Air Compressor Faults

Symptom: High Oil Consumption or High Oil Content in Compressed Air
Possible Causes:
Excessive cooling oil volume, which should be observed during unit loading, with the oil level within the normal range.
Damage to the oil-gas separator.
Blockage in the secondary oil return pipe.
Poor oil quality.
Long-term use of the precision filter without replacement.

High oil temperature, leading to excessive oil content in the working air.

Symptom: Low Unit Pressure
Possible Causes:
Actual air consumption exceeds the unit output.
Malfunction of air release or intake valves in the screw air compressor (valves cannot close during loading).
Abnormal transmission system.
Excessively high ambient temperature.
Air filter blockage.
Malfunction of the load solenoid valve (1SV).
Minimum pressure valve stuck.
Leaks in the user pipeline network.
Malfunctioning pressure sensor, pressure gauge, pressure switch, etc.
Screw wear and faults leading to low unit pressure.
Leakage in the pressure sensor or pressure gauge input hose.
Symptom: Overloaded Fan Motor
Possible Causes:
Deformation of fan blades.
Faulty bearings in the fan motor.
Malfunction of the thermal relay in the fan motor (aging).
Loose connections.
Voltage below the rated voltage.
Symptom: High Unit Current
Possible Causes:
Operating voltage lower than 5% of the rated voltage.
Supply cable too long or with a smaller diameter.
Loose connections.
Unit set pressure exceeds the rated pressure.
Blockage in the oil separation core.
Relay failure.
Main unit malfunction.
Main motor malfunction.

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