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rotary screw air Compressor Inlet Valve AIV-40B-K intake valve normally open

Product Item: AIV-40B-K
Category: Domestic intake valve
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rotary screw
inlet valve
intake valve
Product Manual:Inlet Valve AIV-40B-K


Our product portfolio includes valves in the volume flow range between 0,3 and 70m³/min. The intake valve types AIV and RS are partly patented, simply-constructed devices with only a few wearing parts. They are reliable and robust valves, straightforward to service and replace.

The most significant technological progress of the AIV-typed intake valves is that they integrate the features of a normal open valve (with its simple structure) and those of a normal closed valve (with its low strain during start-up phase).

The RS-typed intake valves are necessary to realize On/Off or 0-100% suction volume flow adjustments. Combined with a non-return valve, the flowing back of lubricating oil will be prevented.

The unique air intake flow passage prevents pressure losses. We supply electrically and pneumatically controlled intake valves.




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